September 27, 2013

Fall Fashion Obsession: The fuzzy sweater

One thing that I absolutely love to wear during fall is fuzzy sweaters! They are so soft and comfy. I like them in every color but especially in pastel or cream. They are a comeback of the grunge era.

September 25, 2013

September 20, 2013

New in


Right when I saw these beautiful heels at Walmart for only 15$(!!!!), I knew I had to get them! They are pretty high but the heel is thick and they have a platform at the front. They are perfect with a lot of outfits because they're black and classic.

September 10, 2013

Plaid & fur





Since one week or two, the temperature is getting a little cooler and I've been enjoying all my favorite fall clothes once again. My new plaid shirt is perfect piece to go with my fur vest!
1. Plaid shirt from Garage ( here )
2. Fake fur vest from H&M ( here )
3. Box pleated faux leather skirt from Forever21 ( similar here )
4. Chandelier earrings from Le Ch√Ęteau ( ? )
5. Lace up hiker wedge booties from Yellow Shoes ( similar here

September 4, 2013

Light and white!





Summer is soon coming to an end and I can't stop myself from wearing a lot of white. I don't know why I love this color ( isn't white a color or what?) so much. Is it because it contrast nicely against my fading tan skin? Or because it always looks so chic and put together? Do you love white as much as me or you're rather in the black team?
1. White blazer from Forever21 ( similar here )
2. Cream sweater from H&M ( similar here )
3. Boyfriend jeans from Garage ( here )
4. Gold chain necklace from Urban Planet ( similar here )
5. Bohemian suede bag from Aldo ( similar here )
6. Lace up hiker wedge booties from Yellow Shoes ( similar here )